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Bayfield Training are real estate specialists with a genuine passion for bridging the academic to professional gap. With a foot in both camps and a talent for picking cutting edge topics, Bayfield is best placed to translate them into techniques that immediately influence the bottom line.

Bayield’s trainers are thoroughly briefed in these methods based on their core principles of modularity, transition and relevance leaving the delegate to concentrate on the content and most of all, to enjoy the learning experience.

Twenty years ago Bayfield were the first company in the world to consolidate real estate financial modelling as a subject in its own right. This subject can be daunting for many but they have learnt what delegates need from a course and what helps them understand and retain technical know-how. Their training technique, applicable to all their Real Estate courses, is both systematic and seamlessly integrated when done well.

Popular courses

An Introduction to Real Estate – Strategy course

A one-day course to help you understand the real estate sector, its characteristics and its importance to the general economy. This course will help anyone supporting or moving into the sector with the knowledge and tools to communicate effectively with real estate professionals.

By the end of the course delegates will have gained key skills in Real Estate Investment strategy and Analytics. They will also become familiar with the players, structure, general terminology and overall needs of Real Estate.

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Real Estate Analyst – Financial Modelling course

Learn how to build Real Estate Cash Flows in Excel. This course is the only one of its kind that shows you how to build sophisticated flexible models from first principles. The course concentrates on tools and solutions rather than templates. Several alternatives are built from scratch offering you maximum control over the model building process.

You will learn how to set up rent functions for a multi-let property including all the standard lease features occurring in the UK. You will also learn how to add debt structures, calculate various return metrics and build in sensitivities and scenarios to complete your Real Estate investment case.

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Client Matters

An advocate for mental health and well-being in the workplace, Alex Lichtenfeld believes that internal relationship building and understanding the people around you will make a difference both to the happiness of a workforce and their productivity – it is simply good business sense.  Alex has seen how empathy in the workplace can enable employees to increase productivity at every level. Over the years she has developed a very direct approach to this via mentoring employees from business owners, senior executives and their direct reports to junior members of staff, to help them achieve their goals. As a result, senior executives have gained the language necessary to enhance internal relationships within their specific teams that will ultimately help the business grow and junior employees learn how to converse better and understand situations and nuances.

Client Matters is a different kind of business consultancy, working internally with company owners and senior executives to help them get more out of their people by one-to-one mentoring and helping them grow their businesses organically through the retention and development of existing clients and valuable referrals.

Client Matters does this in two ways:

Business Mentoring

Alex will work with you and your employees, through face-to-face mentoring, to find out what makes everyone tick. She boosts morale, helps them understand how to communicate and deal with their peers and their clients in a more direct, productive and honest way, as well as offering grounded advice on general business issues. Alex can change their working lives and turn promising employees into star performers. She will motivate your employees away from their remuneration issues, empower them, nurture them, listen to their problems and ultimately give you and your staff the tools to deal with the everyday stresses and strains of the work place.

Client Audits

A 5-step programme to explore what your client thinks of you, with prioritised recommendations for future planning, constructed as follows:

  1. The Meeting – with you to explore concerns, issues, history and your current understanding of the working relationship with your client.
  2. The Brief – back to you for agreement. This summarises the objectives of the Audit. Once you have let your client know about the Audit Alex will liaise with them directly to agree a date for the interview, keeping you informed every step of the way.
  3. The Interview – a 45-minute session with your client to explore their views on your business, team and quality of service. This can be bespoke or generic questions devised by Client Matters to explore every aspect of the business/client relationship, based on their experience and knowledge.
  4. The Report – the personal presentation of a detailed and confidential report on Client Matter’s findings, with clear and prioritised recommendations.
  5. Planning – working with you to address client feedback through internal mentoring.

IFH Business Development

IFH Business Development offers a freelance resource to either operate as your outsourced business partner or develop your inhouse team to optimise your revenue.

With a wealth of business development experience, we offer you the chance to leverage our expertise for your company's benefit.

We have set up sales teams and spearheaded sales campaigns for international entities such as Dow Jones and Thompson Reuters. From Fortune 100 corporations to UK enterprises SME’s.

We are highly experienced at navigating the diverse markets with finesse, ensuring effective sales messaging that cuts through and delivers revenue growth.

Allow us to amplify your company's voice and elevate your presence above your competition.

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