Managing Remote Teams Training

Adapt your management skills to motivate and inspire a team working remotely - available online or in-person.

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Why take this course?

With increasing numbers of people working from home and the ease with which online tools allow companies to globalise, it is vital that managers are able to adapt their skills and effectively manage a remote team. After this course participants will be able to:

  • Motivate your remote team to bring out the best in each individual
  • Put in place an effective communication strategy
  • Overcome the unhelpful barriers that remote working can impose 
  • Create a culture of teamwork and collaboration 
  • Enhance your team’s performance through clear goal-setting 
  • Use technology in the most efficient manner in your organisation 
  • Keep your team in a positive mindset and eliminate churn
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Build And Develop Your Remote Team Management Skills

It is no longer enough for managers to expect their team to be based in just one place at a time. Between working from home and utilising online tools to work with talent all over the world, teams are more remote than ever.

It is important for a manager in this new environment to be constantly seeking tried-and-tested methods for motivating and leading their team, whilst removing obstacles by utilising the resources they have at hand.


More people than ever are working remotely, adapt your skills to be a more effective manager.

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Training available online or on-site

Attend our public training centre in London, book a private session at your offices, or opt for an online course (ideal for remote teams!).

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Courses starting from £420 per delegate

With discounts available for multiple delegates from the same company.

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Free resources to takeaway and follow up support

As standard, all the materials used on the course, including a training manual, are free for you to take home. We’ll also provide support and advice for a month afterwards.

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We provide an award-winning service

Powercall Training has been named a trusted partner in’s Customer Outreach Awards in 2019.

Course Agenda

Over the course of a day delegates will be taught the theoretical foundations and practical skills that will enable them to manage their remote teams.

  • What is a Virtual Team? – Understanding the scope and definitions of situations that constitute managing a virtual or remote team.
  • Benefits and Challenges – An overview of the benefits and challenges that face a manager of a remote team and outlining the best mindset a virtual manager needs to develop.
  • Competencies and Skills – Reviewing the the competencies and skills of a remote manager and acknowledging any areas for development.
  • Remote Team Case Study, Part One – The first part of a case study following a manager on his remote team management journey. What challenges and opportunities will he face with his new team?
  • Building a Virtual Team – Setting ground rules and assessing what a remote team needs from their manager
  • Virtual Team Case Study, Part Two – Setting up the initial meeting with your team. What approach should be used and what should be included? 
  • Working on Trust – How to accelerate trust with your remote team 
  • Using Technology Effectively – What tools are available to the remote manager and understanding which is best depending on the situation
  • Virtual Team Case Study, Part Three – Resolving challenges that we may face with our virtual team? What can be done, and how could they have been avoided 
  • Communication Skills –Best practice for communicating with remote teams and how to ensure it is effective at all times 
  • Feedback Skills – Understanding a framework for preparing and delivering feedback in the most effective manner
  • Virtual Team Case Study, Part Four – How to turn around poorly performing virtual employees. What have been done in the first place?
  • Managing Performance from a Distance – Understanding the best way to monitor virtual work, setting goals and providing effective reviews without micro-managing or losing control of your remote team.
  • Session Recap – An activity to embed the core elements of the training course which can then be fed into your own personal action plan.

Managing A Remote Team Training Course Dates

(One Day 9:30am-5pm)


Please get in touch with us for dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is for those managers who are seeking to adapt their skills to get the very best from their remote teams. Our course addresses the obstacles imposed by the barrier of isolation, and will equip you with the skills to communicate effectively, to motivate your team, to eliminate obstacles, and to foster a culture of teamwork to ensure your team are as productive as possible.

How long does this course last for?

This is a one day course, however it can be tailored to fit your needs and timeframes.

How is the day structured?

Our virtual and public courses start at 9:30am and finish at 5pm.

Our in-house/on-site training depends on our clients’ preferences but courses usually start at 9 or 9:30am and finish at 5pm.

Can the contents of the course be fitted to my needs?

The content of all our courses, when being delivered on-site, can be tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

For example, should you wish to focus on positional bargaining then we can adjust the training schedule accordingly.

What is your cancellation policy?

In the unfortunate event that you can no longer attend a course, we will transfer your bookings and any payments to an agreed alternative date free of charge. If you would like to cancel entirely, a full refund will be provided if you let us know more than 7 days prior to the booked date.

How does payment work?

For all of our courses payment is required prior to workshop attendance. An invoice will be issued and payment can be made via electronic bank transfer or through PayPal. 

What is included in the price?

For virtual courses a training manual is provided. On completion of the course all attendees are eligible for the Coaching Hotline where attendees can contact our trainer via email, telephone or Skype should they have any further questions or should they require any further guidance. This is available for a month after the course ends.

We offer the same for our on-site courses too, plus any tailoring of the training materials and content.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer discounts for multiple delegates from the same company at our public courses.

Do you offer online training?

We offer online training via Skype. It is an affordable, convenient solution for those unable to attend our courses in person due to logistics or the current coronavirus situation. Our online training is just as interactive and stimulating as our in-person options.

In which countries do you offer training?

We deliver our courses all over the world, hence the word “Global” in our name. That applies to both in-person and online training.

What is the style of training?

We adopt a highly interactive style – the best way for imparting key learning points. Delegates often comment positively on the participatory style of learning. Role-plays, assessments, and exercises are commonly used to supplement learning. Finally, our highly experienced trainer will often share war stories to illustrate key points.

Who is the trainer on this course?

All of our courses are delivered by Head Coach, Anthony Maddalena.

Anthony has over 20 years experience in coaching a full range of sales, communication and leadership skills in individuals, teams, and groups of delegates – having worked with some of the largest companies in the world to SMEs, startups, and everything in between.

Will the course aid my professional development?

Our negotiation course has been reviewed by the CPD (Continuing Professional Development) Standards Office.

We are happy to say the contents and delivery of the training meet the high-standards set by the CPD, meaning the course has achieved accreditation.

Therefore, we’re very confident any delegates who attend this course will see tangible benefits in their professional careers.