Our USPs

Unique Selling Points of PowerCall sales Training.

PowerCall’s proven methodology
has a track record of unlocking the potential in your cold calling activity, and of boosting sales by completely raising the quality of your contact with new prospects.

Our trainers have many years experience
of cold calling from board level down, led by our Head Trainer, Anthony Maddalena, who has over 15 years experience of driving the performance of telemarketing teams internationally with our results focused telemarketing training.

We specialise
in the art of cold calling excellence.It is the essence of our business, and the thing we are proud to have gained recognition for. Why look any further for your sales training needs?

All our Workshops are inspiring, lively and highly participatory in style.
Our delegates have frequently commented on how they have benefited from the group learning. Why not re-energise and refocus your team with PowerCall Training at our cold calling training workshops?

Whether it’s a full or a half-day training session
at a location most convenient for you, no two PowerCall cold calling training sessions are completely the same, because we like to tailor our programmes to suit our clients’ specific needs. What do remain unchanged are the strategies at the core of our telemarketing training methodology.

Our fee includes a post-course telephone coaching “Hotline”
for up to 1 month after course attendance available to all past attendees of any of our sales training courses.

We seek to build long- term relationships with our clients
and will work with you to find a pricing solution to suit your specific needs and your budget.

Even in companies where the performance of the telemarketing function is consistently high
PowerCall can still help to improve results by raising standards further with our cold calling training solutions.