Consultative Selling Training

By gaining mastery of the key stages of the consultative selling process we can achieve far deeper, richer and more profitable relationships with our clients.

Customer Outreach Award 2019
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Why take this course?

Attendees will gain the following:

  • How to adopt a consultative selling framework
  • Creating maximum impact
  • How to accelerate the building of Trust
  • Adding value in the sale
  • Creating urgency
  • Cross-Selling and Upselling Skills
  • A knowledge of how to secure commitment
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Master Your Consultative Selling Skills

Our interactive virtual Consultative Selling Skills training course takes into account the fact that in today’s ultra-competitive market place our clients often react in a “commitment-phobic” manner! It has never been more important to create value in all our dealings at every stage of the selling process.

What is the best way of creating a sense of urgency in our deal-making activity while keeping our relationships natural and organic. When we have successfully achieved this what is the best way of securing commitment in order to claim all the value we have created?

Our interactive virtual Workshop covers all these pressing concerns, and demonstrates that mastery of the key stages of the consultative selling process is crucial for achieving far deeper, richer and more profitable relationships, where asking for the deal is the logical outcome of a solution-based approach.

Never before has it been more important to create value in all our dealings at every stage of the buying process.

Course Agenda

PowerCall Virtual Consultative Selling Skills Workshop – Session One: (Three Hours)

Session One will impart the key stages of Consultative Selling and will cover the following areas:

  • What is Consultative Selling? 
  • The Difference Between Transactional and Consultative Selling 
  • The Consultative Selling Approach: Review of the Key Stages:
    • Framing
    • Discovery
    • Impact
    • Presenting 
    • Objection-Handling 
    • Securing
  • Questioning and Listening Skills 
  • Pain and Gain: How to build urgency and buy-in!
  • The Value Equation
  • Techniques for moving the sale forward
  • How to add value

PowerCall Virtual Consultative Selling Skills Workshop – Session Two: (Three Hours)

  • Key Positioning and Messaging
  • The Art of Cross-Selling and Upselling
  • Account Mapping Best Practice
  • Objection Handling  
  • Dealing with Push Back on Price 
  • Understanding Different forms of Closing 
  • Securing Commitment to a Decision

Who is this Course for?

This course is suitable for sales and account management professionals who are looking to adopt a structured approach to building profitable, rewarding, long-lasting relationships.


Content was fantastic, very relatable and was presented with a lot of energy and passion. Very captivating. And I got a lot from it, especially angles of consultative selling that I haven’t considered before as well as valuable tweaks to improve what we already do… Some great examples of objection handling and how to secure commitment, lots of takeaways to implement within the team.” 

David Burt, Sales Manager, ULS Technology


“Really informative session, with some reminders of established techniques as well as new ones. Not too overwhelming (needed to be broken down as all presented virtually). Came away with some techniques to put into action immediately.  Lots of interaction from the audience which was well orchestrated by the presenter.”

Phil Dawson, Head of Solicitor Partnerships, ULS Technology 


“Great insight in the concept of consultative selling and in particular the “educator” and adding Value concept. Something that is highly relevant to our solicitor relationship sales. All the time I was thinking how the concepts and illustrations would play out in my calls and that really kept me engaged. Great way of presenting, love the humour and involvement of us all.”

Jill White, Solicitor Panel Relationship Manager, ULS Technology

Consultative Selling Skills Training Course Dates

(One Day 9:30am-5pm)


Tuesday 27th February 2024

Monday 25th March 2024

Friday 19th April 2024

Tuesday 28th May 2024

Thursday 20th June 2024

Wednesday 24th July 2024

More dates to come. Other dates are available on request.