Developing Resilience Training Course

Learn the skills needed to flourish in the face of complex challenges and setbacks - Online option available

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Why take this course?

Why Take This Course?

In this course, you’ll learn how to develop a resilient mindset conducive to achieving results in spite of setbacks and challenges. After this course, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the characteristics of personal resilience in the workplace 
  • Adopt a more optimistic approach, as well as adapting your approach to work 
  • Eliminate self-limiting beliefs and behaviours to ensure success 
  • Use winning tools to develop your personal resilience
  • Develop key tactics to ensure organisational resilience
  • Improve workplace communication using Emotional Intelligence techniques
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Develop Your Resilience

Our one-day developing resilience course is suitable for all those who would like to develop the skills to perpetually grow in the face of challenges and set-backs.

Tried-and- tested tools are imparted to make this a reality, including our ability to process information using rational thinking, development of a growth mindset, as well as our ability to manage our emotions both with ourselves and our co-workers. This course addresses all these vital factors and much more.


Build resilience by growing stronger in the face of set-backs and eliminate self-limiting beliefs.

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Training available online or on-site

Attend our public training centre in London, book a private session at your offices, or opt for an online course (ideal for remote teams!).

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Courses starting from £420 per delegate

With discounts available for multiple delegates from the same company.

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Free resources to takeaway and follow up support

As standard, all the materials used on the course, including a training manual, are free for you to take home. We’ll also provide support and advice for a month afterwards.

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We provide an award-winning service

Powercall Training has been named a trusted partner in’s Customer Outreach Awards in 2019.

Course Agenda

The following areas are covered in the course:

  • The Significance of Resilience – Overview of the attributes and traits of resilient people, as well as the importance of resilience in the workplace. Attendees will have the opportunity to assess their own level of self-resilience.  
  • Positive Vs. Negative Thinking – A case study will be reviewed, which demonstrates the impact of negative thinking on a relatively minor situation causing it to escalate negative feelings. A questionnaire will be completed to establish what type of thinker the participant is.
  • The Three Dimensions – Understanding; Permanence, Pervasiveness and Personalisation, as well as our ability to ‘bounce-back’. This will build on the previous questionnaire and will highlight areas to help the participant focus on areas of improvement for the future.
  • Overcoming Negative Thinking – The ABC Technique – Looking at; Adversity, Beliefs and Consequences and how to use this process to overcome negativity. An exercise will be introduced that encourages participants to turn negative thoughts into positives.
  • The Ladder of Inference – This model highlights our natural tendency to allow our past experiences and beliefs to influence how we react to situations. Participants will be encouraged to use this model to focus on the facts of a situation and to refrain from adding their own interpretation. 
  • Locus of Control – This model addresses the idea that individuals perceive issues from a place of either Cause or Effect (in other words, things happen to them, or because of them). Attendees will participate in an exercise that identifies their own outlook and the effect this might have on them. Tips will be provided on how to be more Cause driven.
  • Levels of Resilience – This section explores the relationship between individual and organisational resilience, as well as areas of possible crossover.
  • The Resilience Grid – Attendees will have the opportunity to apply the resilience grid on an individual and organisational basis to define what they can do to improve resilience in both areas.
  • Developing Emotional Intelligence – Identifying “quick wins” by applying emotional intelligence to assist us to improve our communication and to enhance our level of resilience. The five key skills of emotional intelligence will be covered. 
  • Helping Others to Become Resilient – This activity identifies opportunities to assist and encourage others to increase their personal resilience.

Developing Resilience Training Course Dates

(One Day 9:30am-5pm)


Please contact us for dates.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for all those seeking to grow stronger in the face of set-backs and challenges, and who would like to gain an understanding of how to use rational thinking skills, physical and emotional health and co-worker relationships to support them when times are challenging.

How long does this course last for?

Public Course and On-Site Training: One Day

How is the day structured?

Public Courses start at 9:30am and finish at 5pm.

In-House/On-Site Training: Timings depend on our clients’ preferences but courses usually start at 9 or 9:30am and finish at 5pm.

Can the contents of the course be fitted to my needs?

Our networking training courses are purpose built for the exact needs of our attending delegates, so if there’s a particular area you’d like to focus on then just let us know.

What is your cancellation policy?

In the unfortunate event that you can no longer attend a course, we will transfer your bookings and any payments to an agreed alternative date free of charge. If you would like to cancel entirely, a full refund will be provided if you let us know more than 7 days prior to the booked date.

How does payment work?

For all courses payment is required prior to workshop attendance. An invoice will be issued and payment can be made via electronic bank transfer or through PayPal.

What is included in the price?

For all courses a training manual is provided. On completion of the course all attendees are eligible for the Coaching Hotline where attendees can contact their trainer via email, telephone or Skype should they have any further questions or should they require any further guidance.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer discounts for multiple delegates from the same company at our public courses.

Do you offer online training?

We currently offer virtual training delivered over Skype. It offers an affordable, convenient solution for those who due to logistical considerations are unable to attend our courses in person. It is highly interactive and offers a stimulating option.

In which countries do you provide training?

We deliver our courses all over the world, hence the word “Global” in our name.  

What is the style of training?

We adopt a highly interactive style – the best way for imparting learning points. Delegates often comment positively on the participatory style of learning. Role-plays, assessments, and exercises are commonly used to embed learning. Our highly experienced trainers will often share war stories to illustrate key points.

Who is the trainer on this course?

All of our courses are run by Head Coach, Anthony Maddalena. Anthony has over 20 years experience in coaching a full range of sales and leadership skills in individuals, teams, and groups of delegates – having worked with some of the largest companies in the world to SMEs, startups, and everything in between. If you wish, you can connect with Anthony via his LinkedIn profile.