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Take our course to improve your management skills and become a more effective and confident leader.

Ask anyone who has been successful in management, from world-famous sports coaches to the heads of Fortune 500 companies, and they’ll tell you that the majority of the time it is not the most technically talented or the most experienced person that makes a great manager. Instead, it is the person with an ability to lead and inspire those around him or her.

Managing a team requires a unique set of skills. For some people, the ability to lead comes naturally as part of their character and personality – this doesn’t necessarily mean these people are the best managers though, and there may yet be tools in their skillset that they need to sharpen. And furthermore, for those whom it does not come naturally, the ability to lead can be learnt. This is a one day course which exists to serve both groups: those who need to tighten up their existing management skills, and those who wish to develop new skills.

Important note: In light of recent news regarding Covid-19 (Coronavirus), we understand many in London, throughout the UK and worldwide are choosing to work from home. This means some customers may find it difficult to attend our courses in-person at present. However, please be aware that we offer online training for this management skills course. Online training is delivered via Skype to the same high-standards as our in-person training. Please take care and look after one another.

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Training available in London or at your office

Our public courses are delivered at our central London venue, but we provide UK and international on-site training if required.

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Public courses starting from £350 per delegate

With discounts available for multiple delegates from the same company. The second delegate is half price – for further discounts please get in touch.

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We provide an award-winning service

Powercall Training has been named a trusted partner in’s Customer Outreach Awards in 2019.

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Free resources to takeaway and follow up support

As standard, all the materials used on the course, including a training manual, are free for you to take home. We’ll also provide support and advice for a month afterwards.

How can we help?

We have over 15 years of experience delivering training courses to at all levels of a company, from the C-Suite executives to the employees on-the-ground. During this time, we have developed a highly interactive leadership and management skills training course that utilises industry-leading exercises and activities to boost self-awareness.

Our attendees are instantly armed with tried and tested tools to develop a more inclusive approach to leadership. The course aims to sharpen and develop the ability to delegate, build a team, communicate effectively, motivate, and solve problems.

At the end of the course, each attendee will have completed a tailored action plan to assist with the immediate implementation of the skills learnt during the training.

Course agenda

The course is split into three modules: personal leadership, team management, and task management. Each has a distinct set of learning outcomes that will help you become a more effective leader and manager in the workplace. Further detail on each module is available below.

Personal Leadership

This module will cover the following areas:

  • Be true to your strengths
    • How to recognise your key strengths and how to best utilise them as a leader
  • Soliciting and giving feedback
    • The do’s and don’ts of giving feedback
    • The SOFA model
  • Ask good questions and listen to responses
    • How to utilise questions to grow as a leader
  • Commit to lifelong learning
    • How to learn from those around you
    • How to learn from your mistakes
    • How to learn from development opportunities

Team Management

This module will cover the following areas:

  • Be positive
    • Defining positive behaviours and how these impact on your team
  • Motivational drivers
    • How to understand your team members’ motivational package of
      drivers to ensure optimum performance
  • Developing a vision
    • A simple but effective process for developing a vision
  • Leading by example
    • Developing a positive role model
  • How to be inclusive
    • Delegates will complete a self-assessment questionnaire to identify areas to improve inclusivity
  • How to manage negativity
    • Techniques for managing and neutralising negativity in the workplace

Task Management

The final module will cover the following areas:

  • Delegation
    • How to delegate effectively
    • The Prioritisation Grid – a tool to help us know when to delegate
  • Communication considerations
    • A review of the key factors needed for effective communication
  • Meeting skills
    • How to effectively plan meetings
    • How to chair a meeting
  • Continuous improvement
    • Putting a process in place for improvement
  • Problem solving
    • A process for solving any problems encountered as a manager

Who is this course for?

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Senior directors and managers

The course is great for senior directors and managers looking to develop as strong leaders.

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Team leaders and supervisors

Team Leader and Supervisors will have the perfect opportunity to sharpen their existing management skills.

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New to management

This course is perfect for those who are new to management and are looking to establish a code of best practice in order to step up into their new roles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does this course last?

Public Course and On-Site Training: One Day

How is the day structured?

Public Courses start at 9:30am and finish at 5pm.

In-House or On-Site Training: Timings depend on our clients’ preferences but courses usually start at 9 or 9:30am and finish at 5pm.

Can the content be fitted to my needs?

The content of all our courses, when being delivered on-site, can be tailored to our clients’ specific needs.

What is your cancellation policy?

In the unfortunate event that you can no longer attend a course, we will transfer your bookings and any payments to an agreed alternative date free of charge. If you would like to cancel entirely, a full refund will be provided if you let us know more than 7 days prior to the booked date.

How does payment work?

For both public and on-site courses payment is required prior to Workshop attendance. An invoice will be issued and payment can be made via electronic bank transfer or through PayPal. 

What is included in the price?

For public courses a training manual is provided. On completion of the course all attendees are eligible for the Coaching Hotline where attendees can contact their trainer via email, telephone or Skype should they have any further questions or should they require any further guidance.

For on-site courses the fee includes all tailoring of the training materials and content, and a training manual. On completion of the course all attendees are eligible for the Coaching Hotline where attendees can contact their trainer via email, telephone or Skype should they have any further questions or should they require any further guidance.

What discounts do you offer?

We offer discounts for multiple delegates from the same company at our public courses. When more than one delegate from the same company attends one of our public courses the second delegate is half price. For further discounts please get in touch.

Do you offer online training?

We currently offer virtual training delivered over Skype. It offers an affordable, convenient solution for those who due to logistical considerations are unable to attend our courses in person. It is highly interactive and offers a stimulating option. 

In which countries do you provide training?

We deliver our courses all over the world, hence the word “Global” in our name.

What is the style of training?

We adopt a highly interactive style – the best way for imparting learning points. Delegates often comment positively on the participatory style of learning. Role-plays, assessments, and exercises are commonly used to embed learning. Our highly experienced trainers will often share war stories to illustrate key points.

Why us?

After years of working with managers and leaders of varying seniority levels, we have identified and understand the set of skills that make these people successful. Our leadership and management training course has been purpose built with this in mind, thus making the course fit the exact needs of our attending delegates.

Our header trainer, Anthony, has over 20 years experience in coaching a full range of sales and leadership skills in individuals, teams, and groups of delegates – having worked with some of the largest companies in the world to SMEs, startups, and everything in between. If you wish, you can connect with Anthony via his LinkedIn profile.

We can deliver our training at one of our central London workshops or onsite at your office (onsite training includes both the entirety of the UK and internationally).

Furthermore, we strongly believe that time and logistical pressures shouldn’t hold you or your team back from receiving our training. For this reason, we offer a cost-effective option of delivering our course over Skype; available as either a one-to-one coaching session, or for small groups of up to four attendees.

Interested? Get in touch using our contact form today to discuss your requirements. In conjunction with our management course, we also offer courses in negotiation, communication, and cold calling.

Open Courses

Would you like techniques to give feedback in the most efficient manner, to delegate effectively, and to motivate your team in a manner that truly draws on their strengths? This comprehensive one-day course covers all the skills required to become a highly self-aware inclusive manager, and to balance the competing demands of task completion and people management. All courses start at 9:30 am. Fee: £350 plus VAT per attendee / Duration: One Day.

“The team said it was the best four hours they had spent in quite some time”

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