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Vodafone UK

The Challenge: Julie Jane, Manager of the Small Business Team based at Vodafone’s Head Office in Newbury, Berkshire approached PowerCall concerning a requirement to refresh the cold calling skills of her team in the face of mounting competition from other providers. In some cases Vodafone’s small business customers were receiving up to 10-15 calls from competitors in a single day! There was an urgent need to assist the team in differentiating its services in a crowded market place, as well as offering guidance on the further nurturing of relationships with clients and prospects.

The Solution: PowerCall conducted research into the specific challenges faced by Small Business Account Managers, in particular the most frequent objections experienced on a daily basis. Armed with this knowledge PowerCall was able to deliver a tailored in-house Workshop which fully addressed typical objections such as: “I already have a contract in place”, or “You are too expensive for me!” The Workshop was highly participatory, involving role plays around typical prospect/client scenarios and focusing on questioning techniques to uncover client/prospect needs and priorities. During the second half of the Workshop PowerCall delivered one-to-one coaching sessions with each of the participants before and after live calls, where feedback and guidance was provided as necessary.

Results: Following the Workshop Vodafone’s Small Business Team benefited from a more unified approach to prospect/ client objection handling, and were able to clearly differentiate their offerings through the use of compelling language and powerful questioning skills to fully uncover client needs. As a result the Small Business Team went on to exceed its new business targets and to play a key role in the steep growth journey that has made Vodafone one of the UK’s most influential and recognisable brands!


Dow Jones International

The Challenge: Following the launch of a range of new business information solutions for customers Dow Jones International identified a requirement regarding the training of new business “hunters” to assist with all aspects of cold- calling particularly in relation to appointment setting. It was felt that a selection of New Business Executives and Managers based in the UK, and their counterparts from the Benelux and Nordics teams would benefit most. Key areas where there was a need included managing the crucial first 20 seconds of a cold call, Gaining the Right Attitude, Script Preparation, Getting Past the Gatekeeper, Objection Handling, and Eliminating Down Periods.

The Solution: A highly participatory in-house half- day workshop was delivered in which participants were empowered with techniques for developing and maintaining a positive attitude, which welcomes obstacles. Carefully worded scripts were created to manage the crucial first 20 seconds of a cold call, when prospects typically decide if they wish to continue a conversation or not. A full-proof method was imparted for consistently getting past gatekeepers. Typical objections were discussed. Lively role plays put into practice key learning points from the theory part of the Workshop.

Results: As a result of the Workshop the participating teams were able to get off to a highly positive start promoting Dow Jones’s new suite of solutions. A more focused and consistent approach to cold calling activity resulted in a higher volume of qualified meetings being booked, with “down time” being eliminated through empowering psychological techniques to generate a positive mental attitude. As such all teams surpassed their quarterly targets and continue to win increasing market share in a highly competitive market place.


Ericsson IPX

The Challenge: Allister Fraser, UK and Ireland Sales Manager, was keen to gain a greater understanding of the key aspects of cold calling to assist him in generating greater levels of new business. Already a highly experienced sales professional, he was keen for an in-depth refresher, to assist him to take advantage of any new techniques that would enable him to secure a higher level of new business meetings.

The Solution: Allister attended one of PowerCall’s open workshops where he was able to benefit not only from PowerCall’s unique approach to cold calling best practice but also from the highly participatory nature of the learning. This involved the combined shared experiences of a number of fellow senior sales professionals also attending the Workshop, with whom he was able to exchange ideas.

Results: Allister took away from the course a more structured approach to his cold calling activity and benefitted from the refreshment of key areas. This resulted in a marked increase in qualified meetings booked and ensuing sales. Allister continued to stay well ahead of his targets and has since been promoted.

Here’s what some of our valued clients say:

“The team said it was the best four hours they had spent in quite some time”

VP Sales and Marketing, SimCorp Ltd

“Brilliant Instruction and Engagement of attendees.”

Business Development Manager, Intergence Systems

“The role plays were excellent and are vital”

MD, Financial Software Ltd

“I now have a clearer focus and a single objective when approaching the “cold call.””

Manager, Easistore

“I found this workshop very useful!”

Account Manager, Advantage Business Systems

“Good variety of things covered, good role plays”

Business Development Manager, Evolve Partners

“ Very personable presentation. Good war stories…”

Business Development Manager, Investit